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It is somewhat abandoned.

Mixed Metaphors

Here I’m collecting some mixed metaphors that I thought were funny. Hopefully for use in a presentation about comedy I am doing

  • I wouldn’t eat that with a ten foot pole
  • She has a heart as big as gold
  • He’s likes a duck out of water
  • I’m going to sleep like a baby’s bottom
  • I have to pee like a gift horse: in the mouth
  • Six of one man’s garbage is a half dozen of the others
  • He’s a wolf in cheap clothing
  • Wake up and smell the coffee on the wall
  • It’s like shooting fish in a barrel full of monkeys.
  • He’s got a lot of shoes to fill
  • Don’t throw stones in a glass bottom boat.
  • An apple a day doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  • Looks like the cows have come home to roost.
  • You can lead a cat to a bag but you can’t make him drink.
  • Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, give a man a whale, he’ll eat for a month, maybe more.
  • We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it
  • He was watching me like I was a hawk.
  • I’m watching everything you do with a fine-tuned comb.
  • Button your seat belts
  • It ain’t rocket surgery