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Adam Gordon Bell has spent 15+ years as a software developer at various software companies. He now works in Developer Relations at a Dev Tool start-up, where he gets to work on his passion: communicating with and teaching software developers.

Adam hosts CoRecusive Podcast.

Adam lives in Canada and has been working primarily remotely since 2011. Say hello on twitter at adamgordonbell.

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Biography used at Earthly

Adam Gordon Bell is a distinguished software development professional, excelling as the Director of Developer Relations at Earthly Technologies since August 2020. Renowned for advancing developer tooling into the container era, Adam has been crucial in promoting Earthly’s innovative open-source projects.

His journey in the tech world includes significant contributions as Host at CoRecursive since January 2018. Here, Adam has built a thriving podcast community from scratch, garnering over 10,000 listens per episode and engaging with eminent engineers and researchers.

At Tenable (2017-2020), Adam led the charge in developing sophisticated cloud and container security solutions. His leadership and technical prowess in Scala, static analysis, and related technologies have been pivotal in these roles.

As a founding team member at PathFive (2014-2017), he played a crucial role in pioneering a cloud-hosted recreation management software solution, gaining significant client praise. His tenure at Operitel Corporation (OpenText Acquisition)(2008-2011) was marked by his impactful leadership in enhancing development efficiency and product quality.

Throughout his career, Adam has consistently demonstrated an ability to innovate, lead, and inspire. His dedication to the field of software development is evident not only in his technical achievements but also in his ability to foster community engagement and educate fellow developers.


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