This is a list of works of media in which I am featured in some way

This list is probably out of date.




  • A peak into docker images - Tenable Tech Blog

    Let’s talk about docker images. A docker image is made up of one or more layers and some metadata. When you do a docker pull these are retrieved from dockerhub or your repository of choice…

  • Adam’s Blog

    Adam’s mainly abandoned blog. The thoughts of past adam do not neccarily reflect the views of present nor future Adam :)


  • DevOPs Dos and Don’ts - Tips from the Trenches - Sector 2018

    Have you heard the one about the developer who built granular permissions to a critical app, only to have the Ops person grant admin access to everyone? Or the Dev that chose to use an open source module with known vulns that undermined the network security because it was easier…

    Collaboration and communication between software developers and other IT professionals is critical to securing systems. In this session, our panel of experts will share tips and tricks to help you implement and run a successful DevOps program.